Different people want different things from a portrait. Some people want a single portrait for a special occasion; or a portfolio of work to represent them as a model; maybe just a decent photograph with some friends. I believe portraits should show something of the person or people being photographed. This can be character or a profession, or a particular look. My personal style of portraiture tends to be closely cropped to minimise any distraction from my subject.

My portrait work has been done mainly on location although I have some experience in both small home studio work and in bigger professional studios. I'm happy working with all sorts of people and enjoy a lively interactive session where both my subjects and I are involved in creating the images we want.

If I am photographing people under the age of 16 I prefer a parent or guardian to be present at all times. I am CRB checked to work with young people, but find that often a familiar adult companion can help in many ways. Of course, people over 16 are still welcome to bring a friend, partner or parent - this gives someone to help discuss ideas with, to help hold things and it is safer: most photographers are genuine and trustworthy and therefore don't mind if you bring company.