All my wedding work was commissioned as the result of personal recommendation.

Weddings seem to work best with two professional photographers who work together to capture your day. This not only reduces the time that the happy couple spend waiting after the service, but gives the photographers more freedom to organise the photographs and to capture some of the more informal moments. I often work with Leigh Preston FRPS or Christine Pates; both of whom have a wealth of experience as high quality wedding photographers.

Photographing a wedding involves more than just turning up on the day with a camera! A typical wedding project requires planning and preparation, starting with meeting the couple to be married, deciding what photographs will be taken and what style they want. Some people opt for a traditional photographic package with a good quality album and a selection of 40 high quality prints hand mounted on the pages. Other people prefer a less formal approach with perhaps just a disc of images. More often than not the actual set of images will include a series of informal photos too that round off the record of the whole experience.

While there are many people with cameras these days, having a professional photographer with a lot of experience allows the couple, and their guests, to concentrate on enjoying the special day.